Finding conversion killers on your site | Interview with Ivan Imhoff

CRO Expert

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We met with Ivan Imhoff Global VP of Digital at Kaspersky. With over 20 years in online distribution and marketing experience, his passions lie in the digital realm. Ivan has experienced blue chip and start ups, managing online distribution, digital acquisition strategy, optimising online marketing campaigns with a focus on ROI and customer acquisition.

His mission is to bring deep knowledge and understanding of what drives website conversions, how thought and behavior can be influenced and changed. He has grown tired of “Tips and Tricks” or “I have an idea we can test” or “I think that we should do [add an unsubstantiated idea here]”. His goal is to change the way, senior management, acquisition specialist, marketers and sale teams think about conversion rate, AB testing and the science of persuasion across the entire website and customer experience.

Ivan’s fast knowledge in CRO is grounded in:

  • Knowledge of consumer psychology
  • Cognitive principles and methodologies
  • Tested step by step process and Frameworks
  • Continuous research and experimentation
  • Marketing and neuroscience

Ivan shared a lot of great insights on the topic of conversion rate optimisation. So tune in…