Generate Leads with a Defined Marketing Funnel | Interview with Ahmed Abdullah from Mob Inspire


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‘Content is king and context is Queen’: a wise statement by our guest on the podcast today. Ahmed Abdullah is the president of Mob Inspire. They are your one-stop shop for custom platform development. With their belief in technology diversity, the team is there to support your growth in innovative software. From mobile apps to discovery webshops the team at Mob Inspire can develop a complete ecosystem of your dreams.

Ahmed champions the marketing growth of this business and he offered us excellent insights. He highlights the potential of simple and powerful messaging in the right context. A large portion of their prospects come from referrals that are often directed to the website. Ahmed, therefore, works towards a defined marketing funnel with engaging lead magnets to encourage conversions.

With growth and development always on a marketer’s brain, Ahmed hopes to continue to improve their website to create a seamless experience for valuable users. With clarity on each stage of the journey, the appropriate messaging, and timing Mob Inspire can form a defined marketing funnel for maximum lead generation.