Go Beyond Networks by Expanding Your Digital Presence | Interview with Kevin Tan from Socium


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Communication as a service in businesses is an expanding initiative and a new concept to many industries. However, I am sure I can assume that most of us agree communication is key to success in our personal lives and careers. Socium offers this beneficial service that is crafted in a modular style, supporting you while you focus on setting business directions. Socium means ‘partner’ in Latin and they are there to develop these partnerships with the best communications support.

Kevin Tan, the CEO, dives deeper into the workings of the business. As a new, up and coming business the team has leveraged their network in order to support their growth. With years of expertise, the consultants are ready to please their clients. As their focus is on the customers, Kevin hopes to begin expanding the digital presence as they aim to grow beyond just their network.

Kevin aims to see more lead generation from their website by restructuring and implementing more valuable content. With the goal to optimize SEO and expand the digital presence, Socium plans to reach a wider audience and ensure they are easy to find, communicating their best selves to the world.