How to Engage with a Prospect before the Sales Cycle | Interview with Steve Groom from Vissensa


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Mankind, as Neil Armstrong wisely stated, continues to take giant leaps into the future. New solutions and technology are continuously catapulting us towards upgrading both our business and daily lives. The cloud is currently a dominating solution for our storage and IT needs. Although these innovations are our future and compelling they can be equally overwhelming. Vissensa is a provider of IT and cloud services that support business growth and efficiency. Their experts operate as trusted advisors for your business while reducing cost and complexity for the user.

Steve Groom, the CEO, is a technology advocate and advisor, ready to assist businesses in their futures and personally jump into exploring new technology. As he watched his business expand through door-to-door sales and a well-developed reputation he began to acknowledge the digital space for the growth of his organization. Vissensa utilizes emerging technologies that can be overly technical for potential prospects; how do they engage with a prospect when they are not yet in the sales cycle?

The team removed the technical jargon on their website simultaneously exhibiting engaging messages rather than inappropriate sales messaging. As users navigate the internet for solutions they only start to become aware of Vissensa. Steve aims to encourage them to take that small leap into the first stage of the journey with relevant messaging and content. Consumers fear the sales strike and lose attraction with incorrect messaging, therefore Steve is always improving the opportunity to engage with a prospect at the appropriate stage in their journey