How to Grow a SaaS Product Through Local Communities I Interview with James Gilbert from CRMNext


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Shakespeare’s Romeo infamously asks ‘What’s in a name?’ –  A name does not change the fact of the person or in our case a product. Well for CRMNext their name is their identity. They are the next tool, the next wave, and the next generation of what a CRM should be. They grow a SaaS product through local communities and work to optimize the buying journey.

James Gilbert of CRMNEXT eloquently puts their goal for all clients as ‘Simplify work, drive growth and deliver experience’. With the use of a centralized data hub, all systems connect, flow, and talk to each other. CRMNEXT is really the next generation with no code required, allowing ease of use for all competencies.

While they focus on the financial industry they must adapt to this industry’s way of communicating. They target the local communities that offer a word-of-mouth form of marketing. They integrate this by generating leads on their websites through tailored and personalized user micro-journeys.

As James says, the efforts placed to allow for this user experience goes a long way. It will overall allow for a unique form to grow a SaaS product and most importantly, a controlled and intelligent buying experience.