How to grow your product with an integration growth strategy I Interview with Amit AG from Richpanel

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In today’s episode we met with Amit AG from Richpanel. Richpanel helps ecommerce merchants to reduce the time spent on customer support. They help ecommerce businesses to create self service dashboards with issue trees similar to what you see on an Uber or Amazon. So customers can track orders, do order cancellations, do returns, refunds, etc – without contacting human agents.

At Richpanel the team is passionately working towards re-imagining the long support process that extends over numerous interactions.

Amit AG shared with us how he is keeping the focus on the actual problem they solve rather than obessing over the product. On top of that Amit shares a step by step guide on how the team was able to grow the business through integrations.

See an abstract of the interview about how to apply with an integration growth strategy 

Amit AG: That’s a focus, so I believe as we do this right, the new clients will automatically come on and get a sign off, but the focus is making the existing clients happy. (…) We do look at it that the traffic of the website is low but the website converts at about 4.5%-5% (…) these are like high end people from a marketplaces or app listings. So they’re pretty serious about the product.

Pathmonk: Did you overcome anything that you learned on how the website has to be improved in order to maintain or increase that conversion rate

Amit AG: Actually it has been pretty much staggered. It would not be fair for me to take any credit. It’s been pretty standard from the time that we’ve launched. You’ve seen that kind of conversion data fluctuates between 3% to like 4% or 5% but there’s something green out of the box that we’ve done. 

Pathmonk: What you’re thinking about in terms of increasing or the top of the funnel traffic

Amit AG: That’s a little tricky (…) most of the customers don’t know a solution like this exists. So they’re not explicitly looking for it. They’re not looking like, I want like Uber kind of a customer support for my team. They are looking for regular stuff like okay, I went ahead and asked what I wanted. Like a live chat. The major challenge for us is, how do we create a category or a niche for ourselves? We have to do content marketing all day (…). That’s  going to be our next focus now, kind of building this category for ourselves.

 Pathmonk: In terms of you as a founder, maybe you can tell me about the very beginnings of the company. Like how would you have found the first 10 clients?

 Amit AG: Sure. Actually it was a little easier for us than most businesses, because I spent like eight years of working for an eCommerce agency, which was, it was pretty much doing like, which was modernizing and customer support. We’ve had the opportunity to work with some very large e-commerce giants in the US including the likes of Home Depot. We worked with these brands that we did both with a lot of smaller size, like 10 million, a hundred million dollar businesses as well. Were like launching this, we had existing connections and to put plans: “Hey, what do you think of this idea of, you think it goes up?” They got those lines that it would be unfair for us to take full credit for the idea because our clients are very much responsible for shipping the product to where it is today (…)