Improve Website Conversions by Reducing User Friction | Interview with Joe Sinkwitz from Intellifluence


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Naturally, as determined and success-driven businesses we want to see an increase in conversion rate optimization. However, we can get too wrapped up in the numbers and percentages rather than focusing on the people behind those percentages. Your users impact those numbers and understanding and influencing what drives their decisions is what will ultimately improve website conversions.

Joe Sinkwitz, the co-founder of Intellifluence, is in agreement with a focus on reducing any form of friction from the user and encouraging them with the right messaging and value adds. Intellifluence is the largest warm influencer marketing network in the world. Influencers offer the ideal opportunity to reach your target audience. As the marketing team, use influencers for their own growth they are sure to attribute as much effort to the website user experience.

To continue to improve website conversions their website is product-driven, fast, and educational. With the use of ease and flow to their website friction is reduced and user’s questions are answered. At Pathmonk we use artificial intelligence to improve those buying journeys to enable companies to improve website conversions and uplift leads.