Integrate Appropriate Lead Qualification for Your Audience | Interview with Aaron Leeder from Revenue Collective


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What a wonderful opportunity we have to learn from each other. In the growth of our careers and business, we can often learn more from individuals than from the internet. Revenue Collective has formed a community of revenue-focused executives, offering a resource of support and insights. With experienced members, it is a rare opportunity to learn from the best. To ensure membership engagement Revenue Collective has reputable partnerships ready to share their insights in value-driven formats.

We spoke to the senior director in partnerships, Aaron Leeder, who has offered us a view of his position and the vital role it plays in the customer journey and continuity of adding value. With the aim to create a community that gets smarter and more dynamic with every member there is a longer sign-up process. However, it is appropriate to their target audience as a lead qualification tool.

It is well suited to defining a lead and ultimately allowing the user to qualify themselves during the process. This lead qualification process is equally appropriate in its level of automation as it ensures the human touch plays a key role in conversions. Listen in to hear more about Aaron’s unique role and the possibilities of this community-style growth.