Integrate Intentional Paths into Your Conversion Funnel | Interview with Calvin Correli from Simplero


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‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. It is a wonderful part of life, to share and grow together. The opportunity to learn from each other and educate can be so enriching in a chaotic world. Calvin Correli found true happiness and purpose in the opportunity to integrate spirituality with entrepreneurship.  As he went on his own journey to discover his purpose, he created Simplero. It is a Software that provides all the tools you need to build and grow a successful online education business all in one place. 

As this solution saves time, money, and mental bandwidth it is transforming the lives of the coaches as well as those on the receiving end. As Calvin continues to be authentic in his life he is equally authentic in his growth and marketing strategies. Simplero is continuing to improve their website and Calvin has taken the time to educate himself too, as he works to understand what makes a great conversion website and integrate intentional paths for the buyer journey.

Calvin wants the website to offer value for everyone while understanding where users are in the buying journey. With the goal to provide intentional paths in the conversion funnel, they will offer a clear and focused message with a well-balanced website. Take a listen to gain not only insights into great strategies but some inspiring life advice too.