Position Your Brand to Craft High-Converting Copy | Interview with David Smyth from Complish


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Picture it: You wake up on Monday morning eager to be productive and start the day. You check your diary and a daunting number of video calls are scheduled. When do you have time to actually work? How do you maintain the energy to be communicative throughout the meetings? The new-age fatigue of video calls has descended upon us in a time of a dominating virtual world.

Complish has landed on this remote world to accomplish more than real-time communication by providing teams with an asynchronous communication tool. In one place teams can have thoughtful discussions, set goals, and give input, transforming productivity and meetings. The CEO, David Smyth joined us to discuss the unique positioning of their tool and how the team looks to grow with high-converting copy and visitor tracking.

With a tool that does not need to compete with other solutions, it’s vital that Complish sets the foundation with their brand positioning and grows their client base with high-converting copy that is clear and engaging. Beyond this, David is keen to further explore the visitors’ journey and understand their page navigation. Who are they? Why are they there and when or how do they convert? Of course, Pathmonk has the perfect tool for that.