Present a Message that Connects to Users on a Deeper Level | Interview with Eric Pratum from BigWideSky


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Sometimes there are challenges we face in business that are just hard to define. We are aware there are gaps in our processes or the employ culture is adapting but what is the challenge and how can it be solved? BigWideSky is a human business consultancy with a focus on reforming communication, organizing culture, aligning values, and defining messages. As the sky is big and wide so too are their solutions and expertise. From website development to automation to app development to ad campaigns BigWideSky gets involved beyond any other marketing agency.

They work to find your solutions for undefinable crises, while they do this, Eric Pratum, head of digital strategy, is focusing on their own messaging and content. With such a niche and highly circumstantial clientele, Eric wants to connect to users on a deeper level. By addressing specific crises and pain points on their website, the team captures leads that were not even aware of a problem they were facing.

By connecting to users on a deeper level that goes beyond technology and solutions the team can work together to define the challenge and provide a rewarding solution. As we often look to the sky for some answers, BigWideSky is looking to the future to ensure your business’s survival. Eric asks some key questions: what will our users respond to? What are the key statements? What crises do our readers contend with? Beyond this, he wants to ensure that the content equally integrates with their current interface and optimize it to provide the ideal buyer experience. Up, up, up, and away!