Prioritize Customer Success & Nurturing in a Niche Business | Interview with Amgad Nurein from Cross ALM


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Finding and leveraging a gap in a specific market can be risky but equally rewarding as a business model. Cross ALM did just that as they bridge the gap between your IT processes and accompany you through the entire application lifecycle management. They have developed connector solutions that have transformed the space. They continue to innovate and design tailor-made solutions to optimally support your processes.

I will stop pretending like I know what I am talking about as I introduce the head of marketing and strategy, Amgad Nurein. Amgad joined us today to discuss this niche market and how they look at digital marketing and lead generation differently. With such a unique product offering, SEO drives their awareness while prioritizing customer success drives their conversions.

By nurturing prospects through their sales journey, providing them with the necessary information, and continued conversations, allows Cross ALM to build trust. With customer success at the forefront of their sales and marketing prospects, customers feel prioritized and looked after. Listen in to discover Cross ALM’s digital marketing strategies in such a niche business.