Speak the Language of your Customer for Clear Communication | Interview with Michaela Underdahl from Nimble


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Customers are the reason for any business’s success. Both retaining and gaining those valuable clients comes down to communication. Managing contacts in a simple, versatile, and coherent way can only improve those communication gaps. Nimble is a smart, simple CRM that creates auto-enriched contact profiles from anywhere on the web. Nimble Prospector browser extension will deliver actionable contact information. As its name perfectly describes it is a nimble tool suitable for a variety of industries.

Speaking to Michaela Underdahl, the senior community manager, it was clear that communication is just as important to their marketing strategies. With a focus on influencer and community marketing, this organic traffic naturally lands on their website. With highly qualified leads, Michaela is eager to continuously improve the communication in all their features. By speaking the language of your customer you avoid any disengagement and promote a user-friendly experience.

As Michaela noted that many companies get wrapped up in their own jargon which can easily distract from the key value-add you want to showcase. Speak the language of your customer to optimize clear communication and the user experience. Communication is the human connection that is key to both personal and career success.