Streamline Visitor Navigation to Optimize the Buyer Journey | Interview with Barbara Wichmann from Artemia


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Pathmonk presents actively aims to provide real stories with sales and marketing techniques that we hope to inspire you and increase your knowledge with the best innovations. Artemia is perfectly suited for our show as full-service strategic communications and digital marketing agency with a focus on innovative solutions. As they strive for excellence as your counsel and consultant, Artemia is there to optimize your performance and growth.

We spoke to the CEO, Barbara Wichmann, and delved into their own solutions and innovations. With a focus mainly on their clients, they hope to simplify their website further by implementing visual assets and new tools and ultimately streamline visitor navigation. With their strength in information and content, it can be equally overwhelming to a user, and assisting their navigation can optimize the buyer journey.

A website acts as a digital business card, yet it is instant and requires continuous enhancement. Barbara and the team ensure their content is relevant and encourages thought leadership. As they have implemented Pathmonk there has been more opportunity to streamline visitor navigation to promote the right content at the right time to get prospects to convert faster.