Striking a Balance between Innovation and Client Nurturing | Interview with Kate DeWald from Oncue


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An American is expected to move, on average, 11 times in their lifetime. Moving house is a pretty common expedition for all of us during our lives. Leaving the comfort of our parents, moving in with our partner, or buying our first home, we will likely all experience moving at some point. It is a stressful and equally exciting process that often requires great assistance, assistance from moving companies to move our years of life to another location. Oncue’s software helps moving businesses run a stress-free, remote, and lead-generating company.

The CEO, Kate DeWald became fascinated with this desk-less workforce and the obvious need for these businesses. She was on the hunt to solve their niche pain points. As their software takes these businesses to the next level Oncue continues to grow exponentially. However, Kate is always looking towards innovation and pushing the company to grow further. She is working to strike the balance between innovation and continuing to nurture those loyal customers.

We have considerable leverage to learn from current clients, absorb their feedback, and improve. How do we do that while maintaining innovation and expanding our businesses? This is Kate’s focus as the team analyzes audience data and marketing funnel insights to improve that balance. Listen in to hear Kate’s story and learn from her experience.