Are you Focused on Middle-of-Funnel Engagement? | Interview with Ross Lauder from Single Focus Talent

Are you Focused on Middle-of-Funnel Engagement Interview with Ross Lauder from Single Focus Talent


There are endless debates as to the importance of each stage of the sales funnel, which one should you prioritize, what needs more focus, what will win you leads? To be honest, you’ve got to prioritize them all; offering the most suitable content and optimizing each stage to match your audiences’ journey. However, we’ve noticed that many marketers get distracted by the end result and the awareness stage, forgetting to maintain the middle-of-funnel stage.

Our guest today, Ross Lauder, Chief Executive Officer of Single Focus Talent, proudly highlights his prioritization of middle-of-funnel content and strategy, stating it plays a crucial role in the overall buying journey. As we forget to nurture and lead those prospects we run the risk of losing our audience during key-decision moments.

Single Focus Talent is an executive search firm. With a combination of automation, Tech industry expertise, years of testing, and hustle, they specialize in delivering unique hiring experiences tailored to your vision and growth trajectory. Ross discusses their growth, future strategies, and his expertise in marketing and sales. Trust me, you’ll want to learn from him as he exudes confidence and intelligence.

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