The Balance Between Website Automation & Customer Personalization | Interview with Nadia Milani from TeraGo


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Our guest today spoke our buying-journey-obsessed language. From intent data to website automation to customer personalization, Nadia Milani dived into her perspective on the latest marketing buzzwords and the growth opportunities in her position. As director of marketing at TeraGo, Nadia is focused on remaining innovative and optimizing marketing channels.

TeraGo is a network and management services provider, helping businesses optimize their technology needs. As technology is at the driving force of the business, Nadia is focused on striking the balance between website automation and customer personalization. By focusing on intent data and automating their messaging, throughout the buying journey, Nadia is always trying to understand the customer.

As we all embrace our websites as the core of a business it is constantly changing and developing. The team at TeraGo is no different as they continuously optimize and analyze visitors’ journeys. By leveraging technology and integrating customer personalization Nadia hopes to better connect with their audience. Well, press play, there is so much more to learn.