Striking a Balance Between Communicating Value & Converting Leads | Interview with Martin Jensen from Nexta


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The buzzword of the year ‘digital marketing’ is getting more complicated with a variety of channels and the challenge of remaining relevant to your audience. From Tik Tok to Instagram to LinkedIn and beyond, where is your audience most present, and what content connects to them? Nexta’s solution makes Omnichannel advertising simple, automated, and optimized.

The COO and co-founder Martin Jensen recognized the need in the market to help small to medium-sized businesses grow their digital marketing presence. As a start-up themselves equally looking to grow their business they leveraged previous networks and partnerships to hone into their local market first. As the company, with additional digital channel marketing, begins to grow, their website becomes more essential to outbound conversions. Martin and the team now want to focus on communicating the value of their solution while remaining informative.

As software solutions can be more complex to explain there is a need to simplify the information your audience consumes while communicating value of the product. By striking this balance your audience relates to the product as a solution for their needs and feels equally informed. Pathmonk is eager, like Martin, to highlight the importance of communicating value in order to retain and convert leads. Perhaps it is time to review your value proposition and ensure it is communicated in a relatable and engaging way.