Be Innovative & Unique in Your Brand Representation | Interview with Jonathan Hill from 1minus1


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By tapping into your creativity you can find different ways to interpret problems break boundaries and connect with an audience in a rewarding way. We speak of being creative and pushing those boundaries but do we ever take the leap? 1minus1 can offer you support in producing creative web content that goes beyond your audience’s expectations. Their own website is an engaging and unique example of what they can offer you.

We spoke to Jonathan Hill, the CEO who has inspired us to truly consider what innovation means for brand representation and marketing strategies. With their business focused on designing web presences, the team had to discover what that meant for their own representation. With experimenting and truly nailing down their culture, they found a solution that best represented them and highlighted their messaging.

By getting to the heart of what they wanted to offer their clients they saw an increase in lead generation that was not only eager but of high quality. Jonathan offered us insights into his experience in marketing with innovation, brand representation, and ROI. Listen to get some creative inspiration.