Be Omnipresent and Persistent in Order to Succeed | Interview with Drayton Bird from Drayton Bird Associates


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As a marketer or advertiser, just stop what you’re doing, sit down and listen. I don’t intend to tell anyone what to do, however, you won’t regret this single demand. Do you copy corporal? ‘Think about marketing like you’re in a war. Do you have a weapon no-one else has?’ This is one of the many inspirational and insightful excerpts you’ll hear from Drayton Bird, a marketing expert, and public speaker.

Drayton Bird Associates is an agency that will sell anything you care about and in any form of medium. Beyond this, Drayton himself offers advice and shares his years of experience with the goal to simply delight, and if you’re not delighted you get your money back; it’s straightforward. His strategy to acquire clients, not that he really needs one, is to be everywhere a prospect is likely to be, to be omnipresent and persistent, in all forms of media.

He goes beyond, to address the common misconception of the power a landing page can have. He so simply and wonderfully describes the difference between this and a website, that we finally felt complete. Drayton is capitalizing on years of his own mistakes and he is unashamedly sharing this on videos, in books, in mailing lists, on social media. He is omnipresent and persistent in fighting the war against the young marketeers and never laying his unique weapon down. Without further adieu, listen to the captain himself!