Capture Your Audience in Key-Decision Moments | Interview with Liz Cortes from Rebel Fish


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Marketers have to stand by what they create and represent their products. There is an opportunity to do this through messaging on your website. With clarified messaging that best represents your product, you can engage a potential customer. Our guest, Liz Cortes, through her years of experience, has continued to witness the value in crafted messaging and content for audience engagement.

Liz heads up Rebel Fish along with her husband. They are a local team aiming to help businesses thrive with local SEO and sustainable marketing strategies. Liz continues to expand her knowledge in the industry and she is aware of the importance of capturing a prospect during their key-decision moments. Liz has set their conversion goal to sales phone calls to encourage a user through the sales funnel.

Liz finds that their audience is more eager to schedule a call with transparency and evergreen content, generating a highly qualified lead. With appropriate data and optimized channels, Rebel Fish can capture their audience in key-decision moments. As they practice what they preach they are sure to advise their clients in the same way.