Combine Digital Marketing Strategies with Human Conversations | Interview with Craig McCartney from Chief Nation


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Have we lost the human touch in the hype and age of digital marketing? We can’t simply abandon the advantages of the digital age but rather adapt it and leverage it without losing that personal touch. With the perfect catchphrase ‘Digital to Human’, we welcomed Craig McCartney from Chief Nation. Chief Nation is a B2B marketing agency with a focus on elevating digital conversations into face-to-face engagements.

Nothing really beats a classic conversation with a potential prospect and Chief Nation help create digital connections and spark human conversations. Craig discusses the brand growth and the bespoke advantages Chief Nation has to offer. Of course, face-to-face interactions and word of mouth have driven their growth but they equally focus on their website and own digital marketing strategies.

Craig discusses the rebranding of their website and focuses on conveying their value and message. In order to avoid sounding like others in the business, the team has worked to stand out in their copy. With expanding content they aim to display it in a more dynamic way. Click ‘play’ and discover more advice on digital marketing strategies combined with human conversations.