Consider Community Events as a Marketing Channel | Interview with Myke Nahorniak from Localist


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‘Good marketing always puts people at the center’. With people at the heart of our business growth, we can develop more meaningful exposure and increased brand activation through community marketing. As people come together under one purpose and a goal to solve a common problem a strong connection for ultimate growth is built. Localist is about making these community events a reality.

By bringing event management and marketing automation together, Localist’s software streamlines the process so you can make measurable gains in your business goals. We spoke to the CEO, Myke Nahorniak who is working hard with his team to educate prospects on the advantages of these events as a key marketing channel.

As the idea of community events as a marketing channel continues to expand, customer education is vital for Myke in his own business growth. The team leverages the steady growth in their outbound space to tell the customers stories in their inbound journey. By simplifying the messaging and being where their customers are, they continue to grow this idea and promote community events as a core marketing channel. Listen in to hear more on marketing innovation.