Build Better Customer Conversations for More Meaningful Experiences | Interview with Mary Brodie from Gearmark

Build Better Customer Conversations for More Meaningful Experiences Interview with Mary Brodie from Gearmark


Creating innovative technologies, solutions and services can often get business owners lost in selling their own ideas. Sales and marketing teams dedicate their careers to being successful in influencing a buyer’s decision, supporting the buying journey, increasing growth, and generating quality clients. However, we have the opportunity to move away from giving the customer what we think they want, to using customer conversations and insights to drive product development and messaging.

Supporting companies to increase customer conversations to generate more meaningful experiences is Mary Brodie. Mary is the founder of Gearmark. The team and consultants at Gearmark help create memorable digital experiences made for people – not just profits. That’s what we have to remember: people are behind these purchases and decisions.

We’re more likely to remember a meaningful experience rather than the unique qualities of a company or product. There is more to purchasing and interacting with a company than simply completing a transaction. Building better conversations and crafting meaningful and memorable experiences grows trust and long-term loyalty making your brand and business a success.

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