Direct Visitors to a Key Action on a Simple Landing Page | Interview with Bant Breen from Qnary


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‘Individuals have to become more educated and involved in their online presence if we want to have a truly dynamic, democratic, and value-adding online world’ Well I am not sure if I need to say much more but I should introduce the spokesperson of those wise words.  Bant Breen from Qnary joined us today with insights into the online world of reputation. Qnary offers executive reputation growth and talent branding solutions.

As the founder and chairman, Bant is just as focused on the company’s own online reputation. By evolving their website to a more performance-based focus, Qnary can offer visitors true value and a simple user experience. By focusing on optimizing the landing page, prospects are directed straight to a key action on a streamlined website, instantly receiving true value.

Landing pages are often the first thing your audience sees of your business. As such, they’re a fantastic opportunity for generating leads. A landing page is like a digital shopfront; it can make or break the user experience of your website. It’s a crucial element of good branding, and you need to ensure that your landing page is as strong as the rest of your website, if not more so.  Listen in to hear more wise words from Bant and discover more about the importance of an online reputation.