Empower Prospective and Current Clients on Your Website | Interview with Kate Shippey from FSET


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‘Customer service shouldn’t just be a department; it should be the entire company’. Kate Shippey, director of marketing and customer success at FSET, embraces this quotation in its entirety. FSET is a leading managed service provider offering a wide range of IT Solutions, Services and Support. With their catered solutions customers are empowered to bridge gaps in their business and focus on success.

Kate takes this further by focusing on the website user experience with the goal to empower prospective and current clients. Kate, like Pathmonk, is eager to continue to understand its customer journey. Where are they, how do they engage, when do they interact or lose interest. By actively understanding the buyer’s journey, Kate and the team can work to be content leaders and refine their messaging.

To empower prospective and current clients will encourage more loyal visitors and satisfied clients. With prospective clients, Kate aims to improve how they convey their message and solutions while ensuring their current clients have quick access to educational tools. Learn about the industry and the importance of website user experience from Kate.