Enhance Lead Generation Campaigns with Personalization | Interview with Dana Lindahl from Legendary Podcasts

Enhance Lead Generation Campaigns with Personalization Interview with Dana Lindahl from Legendary Podcasts


The world can be a little disconnected sometimes. With automation contributing to our daily lives from checking out groceries at a Supermarket to working without the need for face-to-face conversations, human interaction is decreasing. Never mind, the pandemic tearing us further apart. It’s said that human interaction can contribute to our overall happiness so it’s no surprise when we start to crave it, and it’s no surprise that marketers are turning to personalization to supercharge lead generation.

Dana Lindahl, the founder of Legendary Podcasts and Legendary Leadgen, is a big fan of outbound marketing… when you do it right. To do it right Dana advocates for personalization as the much-needed solution in lead generation today. As a growing legend in helping businesses reach their audience with high-quality podcasts, Dana’s experience in lead generation has qualified him to grow their audience with value-based targeting and a hyper-personal approach.

As podcasts center on a relationship-based ecosystem, it is key that the initial outreach is personalized, targeted, and researched. Although this may require more manual labor than our 21st-century lifestyle is used to, it has the potential to provide the best results. Keep doing the hard things until the hard things become easy.

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