Expand and Engage with Novel Marketing Initiatives | Interview with Alan Holland from Keelvar


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When you are a disrupter in an industry, working to break boundaries with new technologies you have to ask; do your marketing initiatives coincide with your mission? Having designed and created transformative technology it can be powerful to ensure your marketing strategies are equally novel. Keelvar are the leaders in sourcing automation for procurement. To assist you in scaling and negotiating, Keelvar combines AI-powered sourcing automation with modern sourcing optimization.

We spoke to Alan Holland, the founder, who discussed the growth and history of the company. As they raise the bar in what procurement is, he noted that they equally have to diversify their inbound marketing initiatives and sources. As their website is essential for research, with such transformative processes, their website openly offers video content, whitepapers, webinars, and more.

Alan has perceived the impact video content can have. He hopes to increase this as a lead resource to encourage more engagement and promote education. This will ultimately aim to showcase their capabilities and increase their conversions with high-quality content. As they pioneer this type of technology they are working to be equally novel and diversified in their marketing initiatives.