Get Visitors through the Buying Funnel with Valuable TouchPoints | Interview with Ayush Jain from CodeGrip

Get Visitors through the Buying Funnel with Valuable TouchPoints Interview with Ayush Jain from CodeGrip


I’m no fan of creepy crawlies or bugs. To be honest I don’t know many people who are, unless you study them for a living. I also know bugs tend to have a bad reputation when it comes to the digital realm. CodeGrip is an automated code review platform helping businesses automate code review, find all vulnerabilities, and manage issues with priority. The best part; it’s easy to use and understand for non-tech savvy people, like me.

The CEO, Ayush Jain, joined us today to discuss the growth of the business and offer his perspective on common marketing challenges. Like many today, Ayush looks at their website as a constant work in progress while they tweak and optimize for user experience and conversions. In order to guide their website visitors through the buying funnel, CodeGrip works to offer valuable touchpoints for each stage of the journey.

With streamlined website navigation and ease of use, their website visitors can be guided through the buying funnel as high-quality leads. Ayush is naturally critical as he works to continue improving their online presence to reduce bounce rate and increase the conversion rate. Learn from Ayush’s insights and experiences as a successful CEO of an expanding business.

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