Steps to Highly Effective Video Content for Higher Conversions | Interview with Sam Lister from Blnk Slate Media

Steps to Highly Effective Video Content in the Buyer's Journey Interview with Sam Lister from Blnk Slate Media (1)


You have a limited amount of time to capture a visitor’s attention. You can take the opportunity to be a part of your audience’s buying journey. Incorporating video content can help build customer trust and encourage higher conversions. Attention spans appear to be decreasing over the years and an ever-growing opportunity to keep page visitors engaged is with video and imagery content.

It’s important to inject the human element to maintain and develop a connection. Helping brands grow through high-quality video and photo content is the team at Blnk Slate Media. Risk-taker, innovator, entrepreneur, and founder of Blnk Slate Media, Sam Lister joined us today. Launching and building businesses, pivoting to a remote and scalable business during the pandemic, and passionately creating content means that Sam can offer us real insights into growth marketing and strategies.

Blnk Slate Media has been founded on the understanding of the challenges of creating engaging and shareable content. They have helped fortune 500 companies to start-ups to entrepreneurs create content that connects audiences and builds brands. Sam discusses the conception of his businesses and his insights into common challenges faced by founders and marketers today.

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Growth Marketers in the show focus mostly on one of the three big problems. Increasing the number of leads, reducing the customer acquisition cost, or improving the lead quality – that’s why they are in growth in the first place. Reports from Gartner and real experience from the guests show that >70% of the buying journey is happening online.

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