Inform & Implement a Marketing Strategy with Data-Driven Research | Interview with Lisa Genovese from BottomLine


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Maximize your message, maximize your ROI and uncover your true value with market research. Yes, yes, and yes. Develop a comprehensive and data-driven market strategy to reach the right audience and your ultimate bottom line. With humbleness and wholesomeness, Lisa Genovese from BottomLine joined us. Lisa is the president of this digital marketing agency that goes beyond to dig deep and uncover your TRUE value.

I mean, have you signed up already? Because I think I was pretty convincing and Lisa was sure to convince us further. She breaks down the 3 key components to any marketing strategy, highlighting that BottomLine is sure to execute each step with precision. From thorough research, the data informs the ideal strategy and BottomLine is there to implement it to reach the right audience.

Naturally, if you don’t know us by now, we love to hear about businesses reaching the right audience and maximizing their growth. We, like BottomLine, are there to be a part of that discovery. With powerful data and metrics, you can develop an optimized marketing strategy gearing to capture your audience and offer them a quality buying experience.