Integrate AI to Deliver Fitting Micro-Experiences | Interview with Mark DiMassimo from DiGo (AKA DiMassimo Goldstein)


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People are what make our businesses grow and develop. As we are all continuing to work on developing our best selves and working to create healthy life-changing habits we are often on the hunt for that winning brand or solution. DiGo (AKA DiMassimo Goldstein) is a behavior change marketing agency that has the simple mission of building the leading brands of today. With memberships, subscriptions, and habit-forming, the advertising and marketing for behavior change are different. The team at DiGo (AKA DiMassimo Goldstein) is there to guide and build with you as your brand partner.

We spoke to the chief and behavior change marketing expert, Mark DiMassimo. He offers insights into the business and their own marketing strategies. At Pathmonk we couldn’t help but agree with him wholeheartedly. He discusses the marketing funnel and stages we are all familiar with, but he highlights the importance of implementing fitting micro-experiences that suit the visitor’s intentions at the time and stage of their buying journey.

As the business has been growing since 1996 he expresses the value of social reinforcement and constant optimization. In order to win new businesses and remain cutting-edge, implementing technologies and new strategies are vital to a business’s survival. As they remodel their own website Mark is interested in the integration of AI to deliver fitting micro-experiences that offer the ultimate user experience. One that respects the user’s journey and gets them to their solution quicker.