Is your Buying Journey Frictionless, Clean, and Intentional? | Interview with Navid Khazra from Nakisa

Is your Buying Journey Frictionless, Clean and Intentional Interview with Navid Khazra from Nakisa


We love to dive into understanding and optimizing the buying journey. We love to educate our audience about the buying journey and learn from experts in their field. Our team believed we were champions of analyzing the buying journey until we met with Navid Khazra. Navid is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Nakisa. Nakisa offers a cloud-based business operations platform. Supporting businesses’ accounting management and organizational designs allowing them to transform and see the impact.

Navid helps us understand the business’s inner workings and his ideas on optimizing the buying journey for Enterprises. As a marketer and slight perfectionist, Navid is always looking to improve. By making changes based on data, customer feedback, and customer needs, Navid continues to work towards a frictionless, clean, and intentional buying cycle.

Like us, he is obsessed with the buying journey and the value of a website. He ensures that the website plays a role in every stage of the journey. From attraction to education to retention, Navid has his customers and prospects in mind, aiming to suit and provide for all personas.

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