Is Your Value Messaging Convincing and Captivating? | Interview with Miruna Dragomir from Planable


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‘Stop! Collaborate and listen.’ An infamous lyric that can be just as successful in a work environment as it is on the dance floor. To implement the intelligent statement, I just mentioned you can integrate the solution by Planable. It is an end-to-end workflow social media tool focused on teams and collaboration. To make the process streamlined and even fun, the platform is visual, clean, and intuitive.

We had the head of marketing, Miruna Dragomir on our show today. Miruna has seen the company grow through their SEO efforts and content marketing strategy with dedication and patience. A part of any marketing strategy is the website and as Planable suits a diverse target market, the team worked to refine their value messaging. With a unique tone and convincing value messaging there was more relatability and engagement online.

As there is a large audience range the visitor journey is focused on problem awareness. Leading users through problem manifestations and solutions, the journey is appropriate and results in conversions. However, Miruna looks forward to more use case personalization for maximum lead generation. Listen in to hear the importance of value messaging and collaboration on our podcast dancefloor.