Leverage Intent Data to Offer Users Market Knowledge | Interview with Michael Morris from Origen


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We’ve had a lot of industries on our podcast often ranging from software solutions to consultancies or agencies. However, we thought we would spice it up a bit with a company that offers hardware solutions for all your IT needs. Origen is proud to hold a reputable name in the business internet and communication market throughout Canada even offering AI and dedicated internet solutions.

Michael Morris, the business development and partnerships manager at Origen joined us on Pathmonk Presents. Although he is new to the business and laying the foundations he offered us some insights into the workings of this market. As prospects often prefer a phone call to research, the team spends their time nurturing and connecting to referrals, while their website is being revamped to focus on intent data that offers visitors knowledge.

The website may not play a role large role in client acquisition but it is sure to offer valuable content for those in this market. With intent data, they can engage website visitors with appropriate content at the right time allowing them to access information before they jump onto those sales calls.