Evolve Marketing Strategies for a Dynamic Buying Journey | Interview with Cindy Dubon from Greenfly

Evolve Marketing Strategies for a Dynamic Buying Journey Interview with Cindy Dubon from Greenfly


Today’s digital buying environment is changing and has become more of a labyrinth as the digital world is fast-paced and instantaneous. There is less opportunity for sales and marketing teams to influence their visitors. With evolving and varying buyer dynamics in combination with digital buying behavior, the B2B buying journey is more complex than we think. So our jobs as sellers and marketers become more complex too.

Our guest today, senior demand generation manager at Greenfly, Cindy Dubon reiterates that the buying journey and dynamics of buying have changed, making it crucial for marketers to work harder to truly understand their buyers. Greenfly is working to help brands increase awareness, brand loyalty and ultimately drive revenue. As a leader in brand advocacy, Greenfly with Cindy’s expertise hopes to increase the need for maximizing digital reach with advocacy marketing. It may not seem obvious, but all our businesses have advocates ready to spread the word.

Cindy’s years of experience in marketing and demand generation have encouraged her to focus on the buying journey and the way purchasing has changed. Cindy encourages marketers to move away from this heightened lead-generation perspective, as we often get lost in the end result rather than the journey. We couldn’t agree more. Listen in to Cindy’s awesome insights and advice.

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