Offer Divergent Landing Pages for Unique Sectors | Interview with Colin Hewitt from Float


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‘Money, money, money’, those infamous ABBA words are hard not to sing. Money, cash, bills, paper, change, the list of synonyms, and colloquialisms are endless. That is probably owing to the fact that it dominates our businesses and our lives. It is a necessary part of building a company; forecasting budgets and expenses is all a part of the growth.

To effortlessly understand your numbers and gain real-time data insights, turn those dollar bill eyes to Float. Float is an award-winning cash flow forecasting software, aiming to simplify projection and help you feel confident and competent. We spoke to Colin Hewitt, the CEO, who had suffered the cash-flow challenge and he was determined to make this software a solution for the future. With this solution suited to so many business sectors, he is showcasing the product with divergent landing pages.

Colin offered some insight into their own growth techniques as they work to qualify a clear message to ensure their prospects are educated on the potential of their software. Their website, like in many businesses, plays a significant role and they have adapted it to reflect all personas and industries with divergent landing pages to increase conversions. With this, they address those specific pain points. So grab your wallets or purses and maintain that cash flow.