Offer Your Audience Micro-Engagements to Provide More Value | Interview with Pete Everett from GrowBe


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There are equally as many challenges to advantages in pursuing Entrepreneurship. With greater freedom comes greater responsibility. GrowBe offers comprehensive and multi-disciplinary services to support entrepreneur-led businesses. From full back-office support to advisors in leadership and strategy, you don’t have to be alone in your success. Although we may assume the entrepreneur journey is lonely, GrowBe will make you think differently.

With a passion for people, leadership, and business strategy, Pete Everett founded GrowBe. We loved hearing about the inner workings of the company and Pete’s exploration into marketing strategies and future growth channels. In order to provide their prospects with a clear value, their website is simple with a confident brand presence and direct calls to action. For future growth, Pete is eager to implement micro-engagements.

With micro-engagements, the team has the opportunity to elicit a quality user experience and encourage more contact. The aim is to ensure the value proposition is received in the most direct and engaging way. With more engagement comes more direct value communication, ultimately leading to more conversions for those growing entrepreneurs. Don’t suffer in silence and listen in to learn more from Pete Everett.