Optimize the Natural Path to Conversions | Interview with Molly Voska from Captura Group


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To expand your brand and reach new audiences, businesses should start to consider the benefits of multicultural marketing. It offers the opportunity to engage with consumers outside the “majority audience.”  Captura Group has fully embraced this multicultural space as a Hispanic digital agency with full-service bilingual capabilities. They maximize their clients’ growth by combining digital expertise with Hispanic in-language and in-culture competencies.

The marketing manager, Molly Voska joined us today to discuss their own growth initiatives and the benefits of adopting this space. While making sure their clients’ secure long-term growth, they hope to do the same for their own business. With a website revamp they aim to optimize the natural path to conversions. By offering the right content at the right time Molly wants to understand the customer behavior more.

To avoid an overload of information and distractions the team will create more focused and targeted information that aims to suit their stage in the buying journey. By focusing on the natural path to conversions Molly hopes to open up more sales discussions and introduce more clients to the benefits of multicultural marketing.