Owning your website conversions | Interview with Alan Chapman

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Who in your team is actually responsible for more conversions from your website? Is it really crystal clear who is owning the task of identifying where your website is leaking revenue? Alan shares his experience on who should be hold accountable. Tune in…

Alan, from Host Digital, shows that an optimal user experience should be data-driven. He integrates data with design, leveraging quantitative and qualitative insights to inform a website story. He uses a LOT of tools, such as Google Analytics and user testing, to collect a LOT of data.

Leveraging data is the major challenge to increasing website revenues. Alan uses a 3-point framework to cross-pollinate data insights about your website. Many businesses don’t have the resources to actually analyse all their data. Sometimes they’re not even looking at the data tools they can be paying for. According to Alan it’s about data storytelling: leveraging insights to create persuasive design. To convert more visitors into customers we dive deep into your customers’ needs, wants and desires.