Reinventing qualification with your Web Assistant

Reinventing qualification with your Web Assistant

Pathmonk understands the behavior of everyone on your website and serves the most relevant next step 

Let us introduce: SmartCards

SmartCards know all details about your products and they understand exactly each visitor’s stage in the buying journey & all their actions

Automated Lead Qualification Web Assistant
Pathmonk offer personalized sales steps to website visitors

Offer personalized sales steps

SmartCards engage your visitors on your website based on on-site behavior and how many times they have visited before

Inspire to convert

Each SmartCard has a mission: To inspire and to collect contact information. Artificial Intelligence realizes up to +41% more leads

Qualify your visitors to get more leads on your website
Lead qualification web assistant designed by Pathmonk

One SmartCard doesn't come alone

Pathmonk’s Artificial Intelligence Magic BluePrint™ engine finds the best next SmartCard to serve to a visitors to maximise leads


Supercharge your workflow with AI

Easily connect with your preferred email service provider, CRM and more, with our one-click integration.

Supercharge your sales automated workflow with AI

Bottom line: Up to 40% more leads from your existing website traffic