Turn qualification into a people-friendly experience

Finally qualification isn’t a burden anymore. Make “Sales Level Qualified” the standard before leads even reach Sales

Turn lead qualification into a people-friendly experience

The results of a discovery call,
directly with the website signup

lead scoring

Know how leads engage with your website, where they are from & how the match your screening criteria

deal value

Evaluate each lead by a simple metric: expected revenue


Provide user journeys based on the predicted value of each lead & send them to the right sales rep

Identify high value &
high intent leads

Get lead contact information, lead scoring & expected deal value. No more guessing

Qualify your visitors to get more leads on your website

Never miss a hot lead

Immediately route your visitor to the right goal. Valuable leads meet the right sales rep in a matter of seconds

Shorten the sales process

Only get the valuable meetings booked in your sales rep’s calendar

Companies around the globe make qualification
their secret weapon

Easily integrated
into your workflow

Easily connect with your preferred CRM, email automation tools and more, with a one-click integration


What if high value leads jump straight
into your sales rep's calendar?