Localize & Personalize Brand Authority for Different Personas | Interview with Nimia Amaya from Yooz

Localize & Personalize Brand Authority for Different Personas Interview with Nimia Amaya from Yooz


‘Automation has become the new thing in everything’. Our guest today Nimia Amaya is right. Automation is the new trend as the SaaS industry continues to expand and innovate to help professionals save time and money; to make their job more advanced. Nimia is the senior marketing director at a company that is doing just that, Yooz.

Yooz offers an account payable automation software to help professionals become more strategic in their roles and eliminate manual and repeated tasks. We’ve all got invoices to deal with and Yooz is on the hunt to save you time and money. With a global market and varying personas, Nimia’s priority is to localize and personalize brand authority in order to connect with different users.

Nimia is a believer in education as a key player in her marketing strategy. With new and innovative solutions there is a necessity to educate prospects in engaging and informative ways. She is driven to optimize the content and website to localize and personalize brand authority.

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