Push Value-Based Content to Capture Your Audience | Interview with Nate Aswege from Prime Robotics


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The team at Pathmonk is constantly learning about the buying journey and reaching for the solutions that drive audience engagement. Our guest today, Nate Aswege, is equally focused on understanding his audience, working to discover their pain points, and offer the best solutions. Nate is the VP of sales and marketing at Prime Robotics. Prime Robotics is an automation company that provides hardware, software, and support solutions.

The customers for Prime Robotics will experience a longer sales cycle and Nate is eager to enforce communication and understanding. With a longer journey through the funnel, this audience requires more educational content and information. Nate wants to ensure that value-based content is inherent in their journey in encouraging and increasing a visitor’s interest.

With value-based content and intent data, you can capture an audience before they lose interest. Nate has years of experience in marketing and he leverages this in his sales relationships. With this mindset, he works to understand his customer’s journeys and reach them with multi-channel engagement. Learn from Nate Aswege.