Reach Current Buyer Personas with Personalized Messaging & Content | Interview with Patrick Ward from Rootstrap


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We are at the height of the digital age, yet some are not all aboard that train. As you reach vital growing stages within your businesses or beginning a remolding of your processes, perhaps it is time to buy that ticket to digital transformation. Rootstrap helps companies to scale people, processes, and products. From web development, app building, staff augmentation to UX/UI design they will cover all angles of digital growth.

We appreciated hearing from Patrick Ward who heads up marketing. He discusses their three essential channels to client acquisition and their new developments and experiments to personalize messaging and content. In order to reach current buyer personas, Patrick and his team are continually monitoring and adapting the messaging of their website.

The website offers simplicity and ease of contact but they hope to further understand the buyer personas. By identifying the buyer personas at the early stages they can adjust and personalize the messaging and content to engage these prospects at the right time. He mentions some excellent tools that can assist in these developments. We just have to add that Pathmonk is definitely one of them. Choo choo, all aboard!