Relevant Brand Packaging for the Right Audience | Interview with Christian Klepp from Einblick


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When starting your business and aiming for audience growth you can quickly put yourself in a box. No one wants to be trapped and you definitely don’t want to trap your business in the wrong box with the wrong audience. Einblick is your business consultant delivering strategy and solution-focused bespoke branding and marketing solutions. With the right brand packaging and positioning, they help you stand out in the market.

The co-founder, Christian Klepp offered us insights into the inner workings of Einblick and his expertise in the common challenges faced by businesses today. Their marketing is focused on their prospects with the goal to answer questions and address common challenges faced by their audience. By ensuring their value is clear and relevant the team has delivered the best content for client acquisition.

With the goal to help their clients, the team at Einblick has ensured they too have relevant brand packaging that suits their target audience. They leverage their website as the optimal display room of their talent and achievements to ensure client trust and proof. Stay out of the box and take your time deciding on brand packaging and positioning to target the ideal personas.