Put Resources & Tools behind a Programmatic Marketing Endeavor | Interview with Lou Hughes from Moving Minds


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With any business continuously looking at their growth channels it is often easier said than done. Theorizing, debating, and discussing simply aren’t enough when trying to expose your brand. How does getting to market faster and smarter sound? Naturally, it sounds like the ultimate goal. Not only does Moving Minds get you there but they have introduced growth as a managed service by building fractional teams on demand. Growth as a service is the innovative solution to bringing those theories to life as the Moving Mind’s team promotes clients’ growth initiatives and revenue attainment goals.

We loved having Lou Hughes, the CEO, on our show. Not only because he promoted Pathmonk so eloquently but because he offered great insights into the ever-changing marketing world of today. As a buyer’s journey is supported by content that drives them down the funnel it is critical to actively use resources and tools in a programmatic marketing endeavor. As the marketing world never stops it is vital that marketers achieve those conversions through a series of interconnected resources that are under one common objective: satisfy the user.

Lou wisely highlights that many website visitors have originated from social platforms, therefore allocating those resources to build that visibility is highly critical to gaining more customers. As Lou and his team are allocating content, resources, and tools to their own programmatic marketing endeavor he wants to ensure that those who convert are further nurtured and remain aware in a post-purchase phase.