Set the Foundations of Marketing Growth from the Get-Go | Interview with Barry Rodrigues from Nexgen Digital


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Barry Rodrigues is an expert in growth marketing and the founder of Nexgen Digital. He has used his passion for entrepreneurship to push his boundaries and develop his passion for marketing. Coming from a traditional marketing space and embracing the digital age he notes that no matter your marketing background, if you have the core fundamentals of marketing you can encourage any business growth.

Nexgen Digital is focused on marketing growth in the digital space, helping brands unlock growth through the implementation of funnels, experimentation, and data-driven insights. They ensure the foundations of marketing growth are set for growth acceleration. Barry offers real-life insights into the power of the human touch, the personalization of a customer journey, and the value of a website.

Setting your stage for marketing growth should ultimately include the essential prop; a website. All marketing content, as Barry states, should lead to your website. As a hub of information and the opportunity to control the narrative, marketers can use tools on their website to personalize and refine the user experience for those conversions and valued personal client conversations.