Social Responsibility as an Element of Your Marketing Strategies | Interview with Brett Riley from ITARMI


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Our world is empowered by and blessed with the talent that contributes to our growth in all walks of life. With the opportunity to expand businesses with the right talent we must discover those experts to connect with them efficiently and rapidly. ITARMI is an on-demand IT service provider that connects businesses across the world with top-class technical talent. As they revolutionize the way IT services are delivered, businesses have access to technical talent on-demand, through an effortlessly fast mobile journey.

Pathmonk is obviously attracted to fast customer journeys that benefit both the prospect and organization. Speaking to Brett Riley, the CEO, and founder, we discovered their acquisition channels and marketing strategies. As this CEO has in-depth involvement in business growth he acknowledges the social responsibility that organizations need to embrace. With the new generation dominating the markets, businesses need to promote brand communication that is relevant to the current generations.

As social responsibility begins to dominate buying decisions Brett is determined to expose their business culture and value-adds with quality content. Their website, like many, is significant to their buyer’s journey. With a 2-sided target market, ITARMI offers relevant landing pages, information, and case studies to attract both personas, while communicating their social responsibility, contributing to their overall marketing strategies.