Support the Buying Journey with Persuasive Communication | Interview with Patrick Renvoise from SalesBrain

Support the Buying Journey with Persuasive Communication Interview with Patrick Renvoise from SalesBrain


Sales and marketing teams dedicate their careers to being successful in the art of influencing a buyer’s decision, supporting the buying journey, increasing growth, and generating quality clients. But as our guest reminds us today it’s not an art but a science. It’s the science of how people use their brains to make buying decisions. Patrick Renvoise has been fuelled by discovering the truth behind sales and marketing, to unlock the door to the buyers’ brains.

He has spent years researching and formalizing a science-based map to help companies worldwide get their message truly understood by the brain of their customers. SalesBrain was born as a pioneer of neuromarketing. A scientific persuasion model that helps companies achieve scientific growth, rapid growth, and proven growth. SalesBrain increases marketing and sales performance by targeting the decision making part of your customer’s brain with a unique, award-winning, science-based NeuroMap®

We had an epic conversation with Patrick as he dives into supporting the buying journey, executing the buying experience with key components to persuasive communication, and so much more insightful knowledge into the new age of neuromarketing. You won’t walk away without remembering a vital piece of information or advice. But first, you have to listen to see what’s behind the door.

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