Support the Customer Journey with Focused Content | Interview with Tristan Pelligrino from Motion Agency


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Use Intent data & Micro-Moments on your website to influence visitors before they leave, and convert more traffic into leads. It is simple enough to create and produce content. The challenge is the quality of content and whether it suits your target audience enough to engage their interest further. Motion Agency works to perfect one of those content strategies for your technology company. Podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of marketing as they help to reach a niche market that hyper-targets your audience. Motion Agency are a done-for-you podcasting service, ready to support you and build the foundations of your new endeavor.

Motion Agency assists in developing, executing, and refining your podcast. While the team does so, the co-founder, Tristan Pelligrino ensures their marketing content proves their capabilities. Marketing content should support the customer journey and address their pain points, making the conversion process streamlined. This is Tristan’s forever goal for both Motion Agency and the clients they assist.

By defining their ideal customer profile they know exactly how to engage their attention. With focused content that is spoken in the prospect’s language, addresses their challenges, and solves their problems the customer journey is highly supported. With transparency on their website, Motion Agency is streamlining the customer journey further, ultimately bringing highly-educated and qualified leads to their conversion funnel.